Discreet Sales

A Bespoke Service

 At Primus we recognise that there is a demand for properties to be sold in a discreet, low key manner, without public marketing.

To meet this need Primus can provide a highly efficient Discreet Marketing service, which can be tailored to suit individual requirements. With our database of  thousands of active purchasers and a network of local personal contacts, we have an unrivalled ability match the right purchaser to the right house, with the minimum of fuss.

Vendors wishing to remain anonymous and who want the sale of their cherished home to be a private affair or clients who are looking for a certain type of property, but who do not want their search to be public knowledge, will find Primus to be a sympathetic and reliable agent, able to act in total confidence on their behalf.

Because we understand the market better than anyone else and know exactly how a property should be presented and sold, a client can be assured that Primus will only showcase their home to prospective purchasers who have been carefully vetted and approved.

For many home owners it is important for them to identify a house of their choice to buy before putting their own house on the open market for sale. This may be because they don’t want to unduly concern family, friends or neighbours before their plans are well progressed or, for example, they may be heavily involved in local activities or committees and have no wish to cause alarm at a preliminary stage. However, having identified a suitable house to move to it is usually preferable to have a ready buyer in place to underpin the buying position. How can these two objectives be reconciled?

Primus will carry out an initial appraisal of the property and agree an appropriate guide price. Using a brief outline description of the house together with some photographic images, we will prepare preliminary details which will then only be sent to or discussed with other like minded owners who have requested a similar low key approach and to a strictly limited number of applicants with whom we have developed a close enough working relationship that enables us to understand fully their specific buying requirements. However, the property is not advertised, widely broadcast, sent to the normal mailing list nor shown on the internet. In this way, Primus can very often identify a buyer for your property without the full glare of publicity but if at any stage we do need to move to a high profile marketing campaign then crucially the property will still appear fresh to the market at that time and the impetus of a new instruction will not have been compromised.  At the very least, we gain some highly valuable feedback from serious buyers about your property and the price so that in the event that you needed to fully advertise the property we can bear this feedback in mind.

Purchasers who cannot find what they are looking for on our website should speak to any of our highly experienced negotiators, who will be delighted to recommend other suitable properties which are not being visibly marketed.